Domino’s Free Pizza Game

Usually, when brands take any sort of altruistic angle in their marketing, people will still argue that it might be in their economic interest to do so, making their public support of a charity or social issue appear less genuine and more exploitative.

Domino’s most recent campaign gives pause to more cynical consumer responses because the campaign doesn’t celebrate Domino’s; it celebrates pizza.

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Domino’s opened their Points for Pies campaign the day before the Super Bowl, one of Domino’s most successful days of the year, with a pretty simple call to action to get behind: snap photos of your pizza — ANY pizza, from artisanal to homemade to competitors to toy pizzas — and Domino’s new AI technology will reward you points that lead to getting a free pizza.

It follows a loyalty program model, but participants don’t have to show their loyalty to get the goods. So what’s the catch?

According to Domino’s VP of Advertising, the goal of the campaign is to attract new customers. Other analysts speculate that the campaign’s aim is to create buzz around the brand as well as get customers stoked on Domino’s regular loyalty program, Piece of the Pie Rewards.

Plus, mobile app usage for fast-casual restaurants has steadily increased. 40% of consumers prefer to order food online, and they spend 26% more online than they do in stores.

Obviously, Domino’s has some monetary goal in mind. Participants do have to download the app and create an account, but it’s hard to tell what the ROI of these efforts will be in the long run. Any way you spin it, earning a free pizza by eating any pizza you want is a hard campaign to poke holes in.