Intercom’s International Women’s Day Microsite

Many brands tweeted their own take on International Women’s Day last week, but one company took it further by celebrating their female employees in an unusual, fun and creative way.

Intercom published a blog post with a brief statement about the day’s origin and what the day means to them. But a custom-made microsite for the day told the bigger story and showed potential consumers and employees alike that Intercom practices the equality they preach.

Screenshot 2019-03-13 11.45.06.png

Intercom’s International Women’s Day branding strategy is a welcome deviation from the approach taken by most companies. Brands touting their support for women via cheesy ads or one-off social media posts come off as self-congratulatory. A New York Times op-ed on Brawny’s tactic captures this hilariously:

It’s not just your ovaries that we’re celebrating. We also love your strength — you can do anything! As paper towel makers, we’re outraged that we’ve long used a muscular man to market to women — the main purchasers of our product. For one whole month, we are switching the muscular man in our paper towel commercials to inspiring, equally strong (but still delicate, feminine-looking) women.


Intercom’s approach shows that they support women every single day — that International Women’s Day isn’t the exception, it’s the rule.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 6.41.17 AM.png

Why this is good marketing:

  • The microsite is interactive. Visitors have to use their keyboard to navigate and zoom in and out of the site, making the experience more engaging than simply scrolling through a page.
  • By announcing the microsite on their blog first, Intercom is actively driving traffic there. Intercom is a content-marketing behemoth, so announcing the microsite on the blog rather than linking to it on social media or in an email alone indicates that it’s important to the company that their users check it out.
  • The blog post and the microsite are incredibly informational. Visitors get to see Intercom’s initiatives around an important issue. The combination of a blog post and a microsite gives Intercom the space to showcase a multifaceted pledge of support. From hosting events to sharing history to vocalizing their support for Balance for Better, Intercom’s efforts are sincere and inspiring.